HydrogenTech Limited has personal potential and experience enabling the implementation of research in the field of:

  • Solving technical issues related to the use of fuel cells for industry, means of transport with accompanying infrastructure.
  • Using obtained data to develop the study of hybrid systems based on fuel cells integrated with battery packs and a dedicated electronic control system of energy source.
  • Conducting estimation of theoretical fuel demand in the fuel cell and analytical calculations of (required) volume (of tanks fuel transporting warehouses) and pressure in tanks to obtain the required operating parameters.
  • Solving the problem of filling tanks by selecting commercially available compression systems and safe refuelling.
  • Estimating project implementation costs. The selection of optimal solutions in technical and economic terms.
  • Estimating the operating costs of means of transport equipped with a hybrid power supply (operating costs over the life cycle of a fuel cell, services, consumption and supply of fuel).
  • Development of SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) production and construction technology (for fuel cells).
  • Design and construction of micro combined heat and power (mCHP) devices as well as SmartGrids (networks) of cogeneration appliances.
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